Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Down for the...clean?

The chandelier, located in the center of the building, currently hangs just a few feet from the ground floor. Why? Once a year the museum staff lower it for a good cleaning and to change a few light bulbs. The chandelier was donated in the 1980s to Old Capitol. The 7 foot and 5 inch tall light fixture is a 1920s reproduction. It takes at least three people to raise and lower the delicate fixture. A pulley system was originally installed to raise and lower the chandelier, allowing the process to run smoothly. However, after the restoration after the 2001 fire, the system was replaced with a chain and gears and now makes for a very shaky and unstable raising and lowering process.
The photos here show the chandelier without the globes and chimneys. They will be placed on the chandelier just before it goes up for another year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to IC Old Capitol!

Welcome to the blog for the Old Capitol Museum located in Iowa City, Iowa. We've started this blog to bring you information about current events, behind-the-scene photographs, comments from our volunteers and staff, and much more! We want this blog to be a portal for community dialogue, so your comments are encouraged!

A new year is around the bend and many exciting events are in store. Keep visiting the blog to stay in touch with IC OC!


Old Capitol Museum Staff