Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet your undercover blogger!

Hello and welcome to the Old Capitol Museum blog. My name is Rachel Howard and for the next few months, I have the unique privilege of sharing with you the exciting happenings at the Old Capitol Museum.


I am graduate student at the University of Iowa and in December, I will receive my master’s degree in Social Studies Education. For the past four years, I taught history at a small boarding school in West Branch. As an educator, I am constantly looking for new ways to engage and challenge my students understanding of the past. My upcoming blog posts will focus all the ways the Old Capitol Museum educates its public through traveling exhibits, special education programs, lectures and events. What I also hope to provide is this museum from an educators prospective – how to use this museum as an enrichment tool in your classroom.

The Old Capitol was a symbol of Iowa’s transition to statehood and, today, a symbol of the proud history of the University of Iowa. This was the place where the state’s constitution was drafted. Since then, it has served many more functions to Iowa City community.

Join me over the next few months is exploring this museum as we discover its ability to educate, inspire and connect people to the history of Iowa and beyond.

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  1. The Old Capitol was a attribute of Iowa’s alteration to statehood and, today, a attribute of the appreciative history of the University of Iowa. This was the abode area the state’s architecture was drafted.

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