Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arrrrrr you ready for a recap?

Is October really over?! I apologize for my lack of blogging over the last few weeks. The Old Capitol Museum has been quite busy this month and I have neglected to report about its happenings. So let’s get started!



I will start with my most recent visit to the museum for the Campus Creepy Crawl. Every year during Halloween weekend the Pentacrest Museums deck their sites out each with a theme to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. The Old Capitol Museum decided on a Pirate theme and let me just say, they went all out! With several hours of intense prepping and decorating (not to mention the long hours of planning that occurred previous to the weekend festivities) the museum transformed into a huge pirate ship, complete with mice running along the floor boards, anchors, masts and several pirate clad volunteers passing out candy and putting on plays and treasure hunts. It was amazing to see the transformation! It was also exciting to so many families come out for the event. Some of the children dressed up as pirates, too! My favorite part of the event was the Treasure Hunt, led by student volunteers. They did a great job getting the children excited about roaming the museum for “treasure”!







One thing that drew more visitors to the Old Capitol Museum was the surprising presence of the Muscatine River Monster. It looked particularly enticing to see at night. I love the idea of combining art, legend and history in the same place because, sometimes, it’s hard to tell them apart!



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